How can SEO and Marketing make a difference to my business

SEO can make or break a business if you cant be found when your prospective clients are searching you will miss out. The question I get asked most about SEO is “How do I get my site to the top of google” well there are actually many ways of achieving this but the fist step is GOOD ORIGINAL CONTENT.

After you have set out your stall with your content you need to strategically build back-links within your site, and externally from other sites to your site.

Search engines like evolving content, ie blog posts and new content and social media shares linking to that content.

Blog posting original useful content about your products and service will engage your audience to interact with the site and your services.

We can also help you link your blog posts via JET Pack to post to Twitter, Facebook, G Plus, Instagram and any other social media platform. Using this method sends signals to the search engines that in turn boost your rankings, because there is evolution of your products and services not just a STATIC site.

Did your know that over %65 of all website traffic is generated by links back from social media so if you are not leveraging the power of social media you will be missing out  please Contact us for more info.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has now become its own separate niche with companies combining the power of social media, SEO, email campaigns and video to lure new customers in with viral videos and other marketing tricks like free offers and quizzes to engage new users.

Knowledge is power using all of these tools together well can see a modest budget make a good return on investment.

Email marketing is a great strategy to deploy in a new or evolving business you can reach your target audience with weekly or monthly updates, to you customers giving them your latest offers or news linking back to your site.

Email lists can be built through your site by pop ups or sidebars asking users to simply enter their email address or you could run a quiz which would in turn ask for there email address for their results to be mailed to them.

Pay per click can be used to boost visitor numbers and paying customer conversions but this can be expensive, as the keywords you wish to be ranked for are essentially an auction to the highest bidder so your competition could outbid you raising the price of that keyword.

Google adwords and Bing adwords can be effective but keyword research coupled with good SEO can also give excellent results.


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