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Apps have become part of our every day life with 30 Million apps being downloaded each day and with new apps being made every day for everything from cooking to wedding planing. Its not just apps that appeal to phone and tablet users, the rise of the web app, a fully functioning mobile version of a website are becoming very popular with location functionality and web alerts improving user engagement.

So implementing mobile frameworks is a necessity in all web development. The growth of mobile apps has fuelled the demand for responsive websites and applications so users can access the information or services they need on any device.

The use of mobile devices to access the internet is becoming the medium of choice, because practically everyone owns a smart phone so your services must be available that way Find out more.

Using standardised methods to produce websites ensures your website will be easier to crawl by the internet search engines like Google and Bing. Once your target audience reaches your site to look for your product the grid layout of the website will display your content evenly without disruption. We also use other open source packages to enhance the usability of your site like this accordion, to learn more about the free software foundation look here. Think free speech not free beer.

Educating yourself about what you need from your website or application is the key to reaching return on investment. Understanding the functionality of your website and the elements you would like to implemented in your project for your users improves bounce rates. Before considering a website or app find out what your users would expect from your business so you then have a better idea of what to deliver User centric development

Using tools to understand your demographic like survey monkey which is free to a certain extent may improve your understanding.Survey Monkey

Even when your project is delivered you may think that this is the finish, but what if your business expands your website will to. Building applications in a modular way will allow for change, as we all know nothing stands still .Allowing for change is important thats why we use Object Orientated methods and frame works like Cake Php for more complex systems, because of the isolation of the parts improves changeability in the future.

Software models are not a new thing but the way we can use them in conjunction with fresh approaches like Rapid Application development RAD which is the software model I generally follow focuses on.

  1. Analysis
  2. Develop
  3. Demonstrate
  4. Refine
  5. Test
  6. Review


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