Well responsive web design are proud to announce that we have just published our first app on the Apple app store and also happy to say that learning Xcode and objective C# is a major challenge.

Now the app is released and available for download for Iphone and Ipad for IOS 6 and upwards the app itself uses some clever ticks including.

  • Swipe left and right menus
  • Hybrid design (mixing Xcode with JQM)
  • Custom views and navigation
  • Member areas
  • Post jobs areas
  • News areas

All of this functionality works with the existing website and apps which are also released on Windows and Andriod the design process and the SDK that apple use is very slick but as many find very difficult to grasp because objective C# is and object orientated development methodology which can be  tricky to understand.

Below we can see the home screen of the app with the menu toggles the side screens can also be dragged by the user.


The menu system is very slick and took quite a bit of work to figure out how to get them working but they free up space on the screen below we can see the left menu.

left menu screenshot

left menu screenshot

From here the user can use the buttons to select the option that they want this then sends a request to the web server to display that page below we can see the right menu.

right menu screenshot

right menu screenshot

We can see below one of the many pages that can be used within the ap to alter trades and skills information as the user evolves.

User profile

User profile

Coupled with the design features in Xcode JQM works well as a back end we plan to add a RSS reader to the app to load the news and images as soon as we can instead of the standard text so will update this blog post when done.




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