Haven t posted for a while because been very busy working on projects but I am please to announce that nationaltradesmen,co.uk has been officially approved by windows for its app to compliment the nationaltradesmen.co.uk website and forums the web app was built using jquery mobile and then a web view of the app was implemented though the windows environment for seamless integration between the website and the web apps.

Nationaltradesmen on windows

Nationaltradesmen on windows


The app can be found here on the windows store work is also finished on the andriod app which can be found on the Play store here the idea behind the apps is to allow tradesmen and employers to use the site while working on building sites or in the pub sercuring work for the following week or fro employers/agencies to find workers across the country.

The added beinifits of the nationaltradesmen.co.uk site is the ability for tradesmen to network with other users via the forums and the apps which will be available on all platforms.

The iphone/ipad app is finished and about to be submitted for approval and should be available via the app store on Apples platform very soon.

I will post when the app has been approved on the Apple store.




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