Well seeing as my rankings are faltering little bit I thought I might as well do some self promotion in the way of keyword dropping or content organization this is a useful post for many of my clients out there who ask me how do I improve my search rankings well firstly I would say look at the completion s it high, well you would expect it to be high for the keywords Web design in Ipswich or web  design Ipswich because every web designer in there right mind would know that these search terms would be most likely search terms.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design

But in many other cases I have gained quite high search terms for my customers during the launch of there site but seeing   as there are many other people launching and adjusting their search  terms the management of your content is key to sustaining your high ranking.

Content is key so be sure to keep your audience or potential customers awre of your latest projects just like I do and be sure to use your key words like I am doing Web design Suffolk or Suffolk Web design  in your sentences but not to much use related search terms for me it would be responsive web design in Ipswich and try to link back to your existing articles like this previous post on  SEO in Ipswich this explains a bit more about how to manipulate your search rankings.

Also don’t forget my previous post on back linking and blogging to improve your search rankings which I discussed here as if you ave no backlinks and others do you may be on the last pages trying to improve your rank.

there you go some more handy tips for my customers to improve rankings keep blogging and set up your back-links


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