A lot of my clients come to me and say we have a website but we don’t get much work though it, this is a difficult situation because without link farms and other dubious methods of achieving search engine optimization success it is quite difficult to move up the rankings when others have already established there position and you are languishing on the second page of your prefered search terms.

Now lets look at the way the search algorithms work in layman’s terms Google and Bing read the content on your pages and process it to see if it is.

  1. Original
  2. Well written
  3. Diverse subject matter
  4. Linked to other sources (including your own)

This way they can rank your content accordingly and decide where to place you, your content must also use your key works and other words that Google will believe your audience will find interesting and  increase your page rank.

That is why most web developers blog or drive users to their sites offering free plugins or downloads of their work so they can drive other sites to link to their site.

The way I like to describe the back-link analogy is like a popularity contest at school if you are popular everyone wants to be your friend and your popularity increases so you must have something interesting to say otherwise you would not be so popular.

Back linking in search engine terms proves that you are popular so therefore your page rank increases because you are more interesting.Back linking is usually achieved by blogging on other similar themed websites or blogs and linking their content to yours you can do this by searching in Goolge blog search.

  1. Try saying something that others will find use full
  2. Link to your content that has relevance to that post you are commenting on
  3. Don’t just link to your homepage, link to your blog

Using these methods will increase your page rank but this is not an overnight solution it is a gradual process and you may have to spend an hour writing a blog a week to improve your content and an hour back linking to your content per week to achieve organic results.

Organic results are best because they are home grown and cannot be taken away when Goolge or Bing change there algorithms to punish those who use  other more speedy methods like link farms and paid optimisation companies.

The last thing to mention is social media be sure to have at least three of four ways of contacting your audience.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google plus

Use these social media tools to talk to your audience to let the search engines that you are popular and you have interesting content on your website or blog, every time you complete a job or post something interesting place it on these social media sites so other know about it (it may even go viral).

Simple back links in your posts on these sites will increase your popularity to the search engines and your peers.

Keep to the code “KEEP IT SIMPLE“.







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