So the experiment continues as I try to get  higher rankings under the “web design in Ipswich” key words to see if I can influence Google and Bing to make my pages rank Higher.

I can report that when this site was initially released I was on the 22nd page for the keywords used, oh I forgot to mention that the keyword research which is vital in SEO  showed that there were about 1200 searches for theses keywords so these are the ones I concentrated on.

The last blog post I had moved up to around the seventh page this was an improvement but I still needed o be on the first page really if I am to get the web design work I require for my fledgeling business.

I can now report that I am on the first page when searching for “web designers in Ipswich” which is a vast improvement than the 22nd page.

I am in fourth position which I am happy with for the time being, but this experiment and research is in my opinion proof that blogging and using  the tools like meta descriptions and WordPress to create tag clouds and categories that link specifically to your key words works but it takes time.

Search engine optimization follows these methodologies.

  • Keyword research
  • Quality writing
  • Specific Meta descriptions
  • Targeted link building (to direct traffic to your site)
  • Constant maintenance  and review

Responsive web design offer these services along with website design services as keyword research can never start to early even before the domain name is purchased for you website as the domain name may not be a highly searched for.

Although some of the updates to Google and Bings algorithmic methods say they do not look at the URL I think the actual name of the site can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic.

So to sum up we are doing good but still time to review the results every now and then.

Till next time.



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