Well the Google bots and Bing bots have been crawling and my site now ranks on page seven when the search terms “web design in Ipswich” are used this is a vast improvement on the virtual obscurity of the 25th page or wherever it was so tweaking your content and blogging has alerted the spiders to evolving content this is the key to SEO success.I also heard a term form one of my buddies who is also in the industry he said make sure you co socialise your site with others so I went about this by making a new Facebook account and linking it up to my site by installing a page tab and simply adding your URL and of course a logo and then linking this to my twitter account and linked in accounts.

Apparently this is co socialising and I will let you know if this works in the coming months so as I tell my clients it is important to use your blogs to inform the search engines and your users that you are active and are monitoring your social network and updating your blog regularly and tagging in the regular categories so the readers of your blog and services like pingomatic.com  know when you have written a new blog.


ping-o-matic let other know you have posted

This is a great service you only need to enter your URL once as it remember’s your MAC and your IP address I suppose but don’t ping to often or you will get told off. Linking others to your profiles in Google circles will also improve your rankings as Google it seems gives extra points for this so maybe that’s my next step to rank better.

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  1. rick 8 years ago

    Google circles certainly improves your rankings as it shows that your business is socially aware also think about Google author to improve your standings and you also get a sweet little picture by your blog

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