After five years of building websites for some amazing clients we would like to talk with our followers about the evolution of web design and growing your social media presence and how it affects you business.

We build most of our sites in wordpress now as it has moved on substantially from the early days and web visibility and social media has become an art in itself so this blog post will centre on the best ways to move up the rankings in your particular niche.

We have helped many clients with their web visibility and theres one thing we do know that there is “no quick fix” with being ranked highly on search engines but the best way to look at your rankings and you place on Bing Or Google is what useful information am I offering to prospective clients and how can I get them to be interested in what I am doing.

Digital marketing

Offering useful information on how you are better than your competition with interesting blog posts or surveys is a good way to engage users but you need many followers through social media and lots of people sharing your posts.

You can pay Facebook to promote your posts with has been shown to significantly boost user engagement but before you do this you could connect an plugin called jetpack to you blog though this you can connect the API to repost any of your website posts to ping your social media services once you blog post or do competitions or special offers.

This is a good way to grow your social media presence you can also connect to Instagram or pinkest to post photos or video of your product or service.

You need to be prolific and keep up with the posts and image uploads building an online presence is part of business now and you cannot afford to be left behind because you can guarantee your competitors are trying to get the exact same clients you are.

So heres our quick guide to business success via your website.

  1. Download and connect your site to jetpack
  2. Connect your social media to jetpack
  3. Post blog posts to ping all your services
  4. Create a youtube channel to post video
  5. Follow others who have similar interests
  6. Be prolific
  7. Review site visits and tailor posts

You can see how many visitors came to your site though with sources through the jetpack plugin this is an interesting way to measure conversion rates and which posts are most popular you can then tailor you next post to your audience.

If you need help with you social media profile  or blog posts please contact us.

If you would like a more in-depth article on social media success please read part one of our 10 steps to social media success thanks for reading.



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